Faith Mambulu - Poster Presentation at 5th Global Symposium on Health Systems Research (#HSR2018)

The conference under the theme Advancing health systems for all in the SDG era was held in Liverpool from 8 to 12 October.

F.N. Mambulu-Chikankheni*, J. Eyles and P. Ditlopo presented Understanding and Resolving Factors Influencing the Management of Severe Acute Malnutrition within South Africa’s Referral Systems: A Need for Multi-Level Action. This paper was under a subtheme SDGs as a stimulus for renewed multi sectoral action. Thus, we discussed multi-sectorial alternatives to resolving hindrances and promoting enablers of severe acute malnutrition diagnosis, management and referrals in two subdistricts.

Faith Mambulu – Joint Member Checking Sessions in Two Subdistricts of South Africa (6th February and 25th April)

To elicit further insights and authenticate my PhD study outputs, I presented preliminary findings at two study subdistricts in North West Province. The main findings presented were poorly and well executed severe acute malnutrition (SAM) diagnosis, management and referral practices at community, primary healthcare, emergency service and hospital levels. Contextual factors influencing practices at each level and per subdistrict were discussed. In collaboration with resident practitioners, recommendations for improving SAM care within subdistrict health systems were mapped out.

Subdistrict one (6th February): A two hours session was conducted during a death audit meeting held at a subdistrict hospital resource centre. The meeting was attended by the subdistrict health department administrators (including the CEO), doctors, nurses and facility managers. To allow my study-specific feedback from stakeholders involved initially involved; ward based outreach team members, dietitians and emergency services personnel were included in my session.

Subdistrict two (25th April): A two hours special session organised for my research feedback was held at the subdistrict health department conference room. It was attended by the subdistrict health department administrators (including the CEO), doctors, nurses, facility managers, dietitians, emergency services personnel, Community health workers and their leaders.

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