CHP hosts RESYST governance meeting

The RESYST governance theme group held a meeting on the 27th February to 1 March 2017 and was hosted by the Centre for Health Policy. The meeting was attended by researchers from Kenya and South Africa. The meeting extended invitations to two participants. An organizational psychologist that has been part of the research teams in the two learning sites in South Africa (Cape Town and Gauteng Province) and the other, a district manager that has a collaborative relationship with the Cape Town research team. Both participants provided practical input and feedback on past collaborative work and also the next phase of the research. The objective of the meeting was to provide updates on the progress of our research activities in each of the three learning sites. It was also primarily to review and finalize a shared protocol which would guide research activities across the learning site for the next phase of work. Part of this objective was to explore ways of using similar interventions and methods across the learning sites to ensure synergies. It included discussions on other activities during the extended work such as the finalization of pending papers and literature reviews.

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