New post-doctoral fellow for CHP’s SARChI programme


The Centre for Health Policy welcomes its first post-doctoral fellow, Dr Adam Fusheini, who will work under the guidance of the new Chair for Health Policy and Systems Research, Professor John Eyles. This Chair was awarded as part of the South African Research Chairs Initiative (SARChI) and focuses on universal access to quality health care for all South Africans.

During his two-year term, Dr Fusheini will focus on hospital governance in public and private hospitals in South Africa in view of the public health sector reforms underway in the country.

“This will entail an exploration of governance structures and processes and their impact on performance. There are perceptions that public health hospitals are stressed because their chief executive officers (CEOs) are constrained and cannot make certain strategic decisions independently. I want to see to what extent this is true, and if so, whether it is related to governance structures and processes, while reflecting on the business model of the private hospital sector,” said Dr Fusheini.

He explained that good governance included transparency and accountability in adhering to standards, systems and processes.

“I plan to examine the regulatory framework in which the actors of public and private hospitals – the CEO’s, boards and financial officials among others – work and interact with each other. This is especially important as South Africa moves ahead with its public health reforms under National Health Insurance,” he said.

A Ghanaian national, Dr Fusheini’s expertise lies in healthcare policy analysis of public social and welfare systems. He has a PhD in Social Policy and Administration from the University of Ulster in the UK, and received his Masters in Social Science in Development and International Relations from Aalborg University in Denmark. He also has a MPhil degree in Public Administration from the University of Bergen in Norway.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Dr Fusheini enjoys participatory academic teaching which maximises the use of audiovisual teaching aids and group work to equip students with life-skills to enhance their employment prospects. His experience ranges from Junior High teaching in Ghana to lecturing final year undergraduates at the University of Ulster.

Dr Fusheini is married and has two children.

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