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Monday, March 8, 2021

Universal Health Coverage




South Africa’s health system is sub-optimal compared to other countries with similar levels of health expenditure. Poor health outcomes, health system inefficiencies and inequitable access to care are key drivers for health care reforms on universal health care coverage – quality care available to all South Africans irrespective of their ability to pay. CHP has a Chair for Health Policy and Systems Research whose programme focuses on universal health coverage (UHC).


The five-year programme focuses on access to healthcare through three inter-related building blocks derived from WHO - financing,health workforce, and leadership and governance. Working at the district level, the research agenda aims to provide new knowledge and guidance on how best to design and implement current health care reforms in terms of institutions and practices. In other words, what institutional, management and work practices might improve access to healthcare? It will also work on considering whether changes established in other countries might be effectively employed in South Africa.


The Chair of Health Policy and Systems Research, Professor John Eyles, is a member of the Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis at McMaster University in Canada, and brings a rich international network of research and policy collaboration to CHP. The programme contributes to existing CHP projects, such as RESYST, UNITAS and CHEPSAA, which are working with partners in Africa and further afield. In addition, it will benefit from existing partnerships with two South African chairs active in the field, namely the NRF/DST Chair of Health and Wealth (Professor Di McIntyre, UCT and the Chair of Health Policy and Systems (Professor Lucy Gilson, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine/UCT).

Capacity Development

This programme will contribute to scientific and research capacity by mentoring and producing PhD and Post-Doctoral Fellows, as well as supporting new PhD supervisors within the school and developing research skills of Masters of Public Health students.

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