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UNITAS District Managers’ share experiences

4 March


CHP participated in the UNITAS District Managers' Workshop which took place in Johannesburg on 3-4 March 2016. UNITAS (Universal Health Care Coverage in Tanzania and South Africa) aims to support reforms to achieve universal health coverage in South Africa (through National Health Insurance) and Tanzania, which is integrating existing health insurance schemes for formal and informal sector workers under a single insurer. The workshop included participants from HEU at UCT and the Africa Centre for Health and Population Studies.


It aimed to provide a platform for district colleagues to share experiences around managing and implementing change, and incorporated cross site connectedness and sharing of experiences from the UNITAS project to guide the discussion. Using reflective approaches and collective learning, the participants shared real challenges and considered how to learn from each other and benefit from the group's collective wisdom. They were encouraged to take their new insights around patient-friendly care and clear, open communication back to their workplace.